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Hide Your California Traffic Ticket, Fast!

You can take this traffic school course once every 18 months to satisfy a court-ordered requirement and keep your traffic ticket off your public driving record.

Get More For Your Money!

TicketErasers offers the lowest prices online! When you take our California Traffic School course, you'll not only be getting a fast, easy way to take care of your ticket, you'll also get to take the course wherever and whenever you want!

  • 24/7 Support – there's always someone available to help
  • Money-Back Guarantee – get a full refund (less $8 for processing) if you're not satisfied
  • Take the Course At Your Own Speed – we don't rush you through it
  • Study In Comfort – take the course where you want
It Couldn't Be Easier!

As if we didn't make our California Traffic School easy enough for you to take, we make it EVEN easier by electronically submitting your course completion information to the DMV. Once you pass the course, you're done! Instead of having to wait for your certificate and drive it down to the court, we take care of it for you. We'll submit your certificate to the DMV for you so you can prevent your insurance company from ever finding out about your ticket.

Get a Proof of Completion!

We offer you the chance to purchase a Proof of Completion during sign up so you'll have a document with your course completion information to keep for your personal records. We conveniently offer three different delivery methods for your Proof of Completion (download, e-mail, and standard mail).

The Online California Traffic School for YOU!

If you want a cheap, easy course that won't take you a long time to complete, then TicketErasers is right where you should be. Enroll today and handle your California Traffic Ticket fast!

This course is DMV-licensed across the state, including the following counties: