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Amador County Licensed
Traffic School

Easy Ticket Course

You can work on this Amador traffic school course whenever it's convenient for you because everything is on the web. All you need to access it is a computer with an internet connection, allowing you the freedom to work from home or anywhere else you want.

Amador California Traffic School Course

  • Accessible online anywhere and anytime
  • Supported by a 24-hour team
  • DMV-licensed throughout the state
  • Filled with interactive and fun features
  • Affordable with multiple payment options
  • Completely self-paced

The California DMV has licensed this online course to meet everything required by the state to handle a traffic ticket on your record.

Signing Up Online

You will be able to set up an online account when you register for this Amador County traffic ticket course by selecting a unique username and password. This ID will grant you access to your course from any computer you want.

Course Information

There are eight units in this Amador traffic school course and you can work on them in multiple sessions at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. There is fun in every unit of the course too, so you will never be bored. The short quizzes at the close of every unit give you an opportunity to review everything before the final exam.

Multiple Attempts

The final exam that concludes this Amador California traffic school online course consists of 40 multiple-choice questions that you have seen throughout the chapter material, so you will be totally prepared for it. You can take the exam more than once in order to score a 70% to pass.

You Call The Shots

When and where you work on this course is up to you, so you can take a break anytime you need one and never have to feel rushed.

Completion Information

Your course completion is electronically reported to the DMV within 48 hours at no additional cost, so you can handle your ticket immediately. For this reason, we provide you with the opportunity to purchase a Proof of Completion to keep for your personal records.

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