Traffic School California: TicketErasers

Lassen County Licensed
Traffic School

Come And Go As You Please

You can break this Lassen traffic school course into as many work sessions as you like, allowing you to take a break when you need one. There is no minimum amount of time you have to spend on each session either, so you can decide how much you work every day. All your coursework is saved automatically when you log out, so when you return you can pick it right back up again.

Lassen County Traffic School Course Has:

  • DMV-licensed throughout the state
  • Accessibility online anytime and anywhere
  • A low price with multiple payment options
  • Fun in every unit
  • Same-day processing

This online course is licensed by the DMV throughout California, which means it satisfies every requirement that you need to hide a ticket from your record.

One Low Price

This Lassen traffic school course is so affordable because traffic tickets happen to everyone and you should have a convenient way to handle them. There are a lot of payment options online, so it's up to you which one will best fit your needs.

Anytime And Anywhere

This Lassen County traffic ticket course doesn't have an instructor, which means there is no one telling you what to do and when to do it. You know what is best for your schedule, so where, when, and for how long you work on the course is up to you.

Videos And 3-D Animations

There are eight different units in this Lassen County traffic school course and each one is filled with interactive multimedia features to keep you entertained. Before moving on to the next unit you will have to take a short review quiz, but you get unlimited attempts so there's no pressure.

Free Reporting

We process your completion information the very same day you finish the driving safety course and send it directly to the DMV for you.

Have Questions?

There are support team members available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have throughout the course or the ticket masking process afterwards. You can reach them by phone or email.

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