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California DMV-Licensed No Hidden Fee $19.95
Traffic School With Ease

This Monterey traffic school course is offered entirely on the web to give you a convenient and accessible way to handle traffic tickets. The course can be accessed from any computer with a basic Internet connection, making it possible to work from home or anywhere else that is comfortable for you. Plus, you can customize it to fit into your lifestyle so you never have to rearrange anything in your daily routine to accommodate it.


The California DMV has licensed this online traffic school course throughout the state to fulfill all the requirements that are needed to mask a traffic ticket and keep points off your public driver record.

Online Traffic School Monterey County Course Price

The price remains so affordable for this traffic school online course because everyone gets a ticket at some point and it shouldn't cost tons of money to erase. The initial price you pay when you sign up for the course includes everything that is needed to complete the course, so there are no hidden fees ever. There are a variety of online payment options offered and there's even one that lets you start now and pay later.

Quick Online Sign-Up

You can sign up for the Monterey county traffic school online California course in minutes and start working on it that very same day. To set up your online account you will have to pick a unique username and password that will be linked to it; this way you can log in from anywhere you want and always have access to the ticket dismissal course.

No Time Limit

This Monterey traffic school course is completely self-paced, so you can work whenever you have the time and never have to feel rushed. You can log in and out anytime it's convenient for you and work as little or as much as you have time for every day. Your spot is saved each time in the course when you take a break, so you won't have to waste time when you return.

Course Breakdown

There are eight units that make up this online traffic school Monterey county course and they cover important driver related issues, including the rules and regulations throughout California. There are interactive 3-D animations and videos throughout the entire course, so it's a nice break from having to read. There is also an audio read-along option if you want someone to do the reading for you. There are 10 multiple-choice questions at the close of each unit, giving you a chance to review everything before the final exam.

Multiple Attempts

The final exam is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions that have been in the unit material, so there's no pressure. There is also an extra retake attempts built into the test, so you can take it again if you don't achieve a 70% passing score on your first try.

Direct Course Completion Reporting

Your course completion is processed the very same day that you finish the course, allowing you to handle your ticket as quickly as possible. It's even sent directly to the DMV for you, so you don't have to worry about dealing with any of the paperwork.