Traffic School California: TicketErasers

Napa County Licensed
Traffic School

Convenient And Affordable

This Napa traffic school course proves to be the easiest and fastest way to handle a ticket because everything you need is online. You can access the course from any Internet-enabled computer, giving you the flexibility to work anytime and from anywhere that you want.

Licensing Status

The California DMV has licensed this course statewide, so it satisfies all the requirements that are necessary to hide a ticket and subsequent points from your public driving record.

Napa Online Traffic School Course Has:

  • California DMV-Licensed
  • Accessibility anytime and anywhere
  • A self-paced format with unlimited log ins and outs
  • Videos, animations, and graphics in every unit
  • Same-day completion certificate processing
  • A 24/7 customer support team
Course Information

This Napa traffic school course is separated into eight units that will keep you from getting overloaded with too much at one time. The combination of text and animations and videos keeps you interacted in the material while you work. You have to pass a multiple-choice quiz after every unit before moving on, but there is no pressure because you can take it until you pass.

How It Works

You can sign up for this Napa California traffic school course and start working on it within a few minutes. When you set up your account online you will be able to pick a personal ID and password that will make it possible to access your driving safety course from any computer you want.

Success is Easy!

With this Napa online traffic school course, nothing is left to chance — because we know how important it is that you keep a clean driving record. Your final exam pulls its 25 questions directly out of the chapter material, so you already know the answers. You only need to score a 70% to pass, and just to give you some extra help, you are allowed to retake it if you don't pass on your first attempt.

Electronically Submitted

We will submit your course completion electronically to the DMV for you the very day you finish the final exam, which is just another way we make handling your traffic ticket easier for you.

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