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If you're a California driver who has received a moving violation in Nevada County, you're in luck (believe it or not!) is pleased to offer you a Nevada Traffic School course that you can take right from wherever you are looking at this page.

Nevada County Traffic School

While it used to be that Californians needed to take Nevada County traffic school in a traditional classroom, at a set time and place of the school's choosing, that is no longer the case. You can now satisfy your legal obligations over the Internet, and the course is the way to go! Our class is web-based, so you won't be installing course software on your hard drive. Just get online, log in, and start working.


In addition to giving you the opportunity to work when and where you want, we also allow you to complete Nevada traffic school as quickly or as slowly as you want. There is no set minimum or maximum duration you must be online in each class session, so if you're a goal-oriented person who wants to get the whole California online traffic school course done in one sitting, you may. If you want your class to interfere with your daily life as little as possible, you can work for just a few minutes a day until it's done. The choice is up to you!

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