Traffic School California: TicketErasers

Placer County Licensed
Traffic School

No Classrooms Or Textbooks

This Placer traffic school course makes it so you never have to lug another driver safety textbook around or sit in a classroom all day to meet a traffic ticket requirement. This entire course is accessible from any computer with a basic Internet connection, so you can work around your schedule from wherever is convenient for you.

State Licensed

This course is DMV-licensed in Placer County, certifying that it fulfills all the state requirements to mask a traffic ticket from your public record.

Placer County Traffic School Course Is:

  • Online anytime and from anywhere
  • Backed by a 24-hour support team
  • Offered with same-day processing
  • DMV-licensed throughout California
  • Filled with fun graphics and animations
  • Designed to be done at your own pace
Fun Course Format

This online traffic school Placer course is made up of eight fun-filled units, so the course flies by because you're not bogged down with tons of boring reading. Every unit concludes with a short review quiz that you can take as many times as you need.

You Set The Pace

There is no time limit for this Placer traffic school course, which means you can work at you own pace without having to worry about anyone else. You can take a break anytime you need one and will never feel rushed to finish the course.

Success is Hassle-Free

Every question on the final exam is multiple-choice and has been taken right out of the Placer County traffic school course material to ensure that you're familiar with them. You only need a 70% score to pass, and even better, you get a second attempt just in case you need one!

Directly To The DMV

Our team of representatives makes sure to process your course completion the same day you finish the driving safety course, so you can get hide your ticket as quickly as possible. All your course completion information is sent directly to the DMV, too, so we handle all the paperwork for you.

Money-Back Guarantee

There are a variety of payment options to choose from online and each one comes with a money-back guarantee for 30 days, so there's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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